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General Hospital
Episode Recap, 3/25/08

Today on General Hospital...

  • Lucky assures a surprised Sam he'd still like to give their relationship a chance.
  • Elizabeth reminds Jason why they can't risk telling his mother the truth about Jake's paternity.
  • Later, Jason hurries to the hospital after learning that Monica was in an accident.
  • Trevor informs a stunned Ric that he hired Marianna to befriend his son on Martha's Vineyard.

Sonny accuses Kate of burying herself in work in order to avoid dealing with their situation. Michael and Morgan bring their mom a gift for the new baby. Suffering through another bout of morning sickness, Robin also has to put up with more of Claudia's prejudice about her HIV status.

Kate reminds Sonny that her career is important to her but swears she isn't trying to push him away. Carly sadly breaks her bad news to the boys and assures a guilt-ridden Michael he wasn't responsible for the miscarriage. Jason urges Monica to get some help for her drinking problem.

Anxious to protect Marianna from his father's vicious threats, Ric finally agrees to sign Alcazar's waterfront property over to Trevor. Realizing how wrong she was to turn her back on her son, Monica tearfully promises Jason that she loves him very much.

Ric warns Sonny that Trevor has gained control of the canneries. Certain Ric deliberately sandbagged him, Sonny rails at his brother for giving Trevor leverage on the docks. Jax and Carly struggle with their shared grief. Claudia coyly suggests to Jason that they can forge a new alliance if he'll simply rub Trevor out.

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