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General Hospital
March 26, 2008 Recap

Today on General Hospital, Maxie argues with Robin about her choice of rooms for the nursery and asks if she's realized how much having a child will change her life. Finding and flirting with him at the casino, Claudia introduces herself to Luke and admits she needs more information about Sonny.

Luke refuses to tell her anything and asks why he should do her any favors when she's done nothing for him. He warns her about the dead men who tried to force Sonny out. Jason hires Diane to defend Monica but she balks at representing a drunk driver and suggests she needs a tough sentence.

Jason assures her that Monica is going into rehab.

Monica confirms for Tracy that she hit Sam and can't explain why she didn't come forward afterwards. She announces that she intends to take responsibility for what she did. Monica then apologizes to Lulu and tells her that she and her father can move back into the Quartermaine mansion any time.

Nikolas visits with Monica and confesses that he can see Emily.

Admitting he knows she's an illusion, Nikolas admits he's not ready to give her up yet. She urges him to have the surgery soon but adds that she doesn't know if she could give up a vision of Alan. Carly admits to Jax that she wants to try to get pregnant again. When Carly stops by the hospital to see Dr. Lee, Robin gives her a hard time about her morning sickness and is embarrassed to learn that Carly lost her baby.

Finding Claudia with Luke, Tracy calls her a streetwalker and orders her to get out. After she leaves, Luke warns an unconcerned Tracy that she's a Zacchara who intends on owning all of Port Charles by the summer. Lulu gives Luke the good news about moving back but Tracy won't allow him to live there.

Diane prevents Monica from confessing to Alexis.

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General Hospital
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