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General Hospital
Episode Recap, 3/27/08

Today on General Hospital, Sonny walks in as Claudia and Kate sharpen their claws on one another. A puzzled Nadine presses Nikolas to explain his sudden change of attitude.

Carly demands to know why Jason didn't warn her that Michael was headed for trouble. Claudia informs Sonny she set him up because she knew exactly who he was the night they had sex.

Tracy icily orders her husband to vacate the premises but Alice threatens to quit and take the whole staff with her if Luke is evicted from the mansion. Her threat works as Tracy gives Luke her okay.

Jason tells Carly he didn't want to upset her during her pregnancy by revealing Michael's dangerous new obsession with guns. Ric confronts Marianna about her secret connection to Trevor. Carly and Jason argue again about his relationship with Elizabeth.

At the hospital, Logan enjoys another visit from Lulu until Johnny comes into view. Admitting Nikolas does seem better, Patrick suggests to Robin and Elizabeth that he may be in remission. Finding them talking about his case, Nikolas warns them he didn't give Patrick permission to talk about him.

When he also warns Nadine, she counters she hasn't told anyone anything about his "visions." Spinelli stuns Jason with the news that Monica confessed. Jason admits he regrets lying about his son.

They're interrupted by Claudia who is amused when Spinelli calls her "Vixenella." Offering him a gun, Claudia asks Jason to take care of Trevor for her. Lulu admits to Carly that she slept with Johnny. Carly offers Lulu a job. Maxie overhears Sonny warn Kate that Claudia is dangerous. Ric invites Sonny to work together to bury Trevor.

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