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Today on General Hospital, Jason arrives at the bridge and spies Lucky lying on the road. Inside their dangling vehicle, Elizabeth again battles with Diego for control of the gun. After Robin reluctantly confirms that the baby is his, an emotional Patrick asks why she never said anything before now. Claudia fills Kate in on how she and Sonny slipped between the sheets for a wild night of anonymous sex.

Sonny advises Trevor to deliver a ransom demand to Anthony. Stuck in the sewer together, a hysterical Maxie screeches at Spinelli to find a way out. Trevor counters Sonny's warnings with one of his own. As Diego flees the scene, Jason responds to Elizabeth's cries for help. Robin reminds Patrick why she still intends to raise her child alone. Kate calmly assures Claudia she's not a bit perturbed by her revelation.

Claudia informs Trevor that steps have been taken to rectify the situation involving Johnny's abduction. Sonny returns to Kate's hospital room with a nostalgic gift and a declaration of love. Jason pulls Elizabeth to safety, then tries to extricate Sam as well but the car tumbles from the bridge. Despite her earlier bravado, Kate finds herself unable to shake the image of Sonny having sex with Claudia.

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