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General Hospital
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Nikolas brings Nadine to the spot where Sam shot Diego. Epiphany returns to work and quickly begins grousing about how the hospital has gone all to pieces in her absence. Sonny drops by to check on Carly, who reveals that she's pregnant. Elizabeth leans over unconscious Jason while Lucky finds Sam clinging to the underside of the bridge. Peg urges Michael to call home and explain why he ran away. Down in the sewer, Spinelli indulges in a fantasy about Maxie until she snaps him back to the reality.

Nadine advises Nikolas to stop wallowing in self-pity and move on with his life. Despite his own wounds, Lucky manages to pull Sam to safety. Alexis tries in vain to discourage Jerry's interest in her. As paramedics arrive and prepare Jason for transport, Sam and Elizabeth tell Mac how Diego has been conducting a reign of terror as the text message killer. Meanwhile, Diego targets Nadine. Michael admits to Peg how he accidentally shot his father's girlfriend. Robin and Patrick snipe at one another yet again.

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General Hospital
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