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General Hospital
March 5, 2008
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On today's General Hospital, Scott accosts Lulu once again. A beaming Marianna thanks Ric for clearing up her immigration problems. At the hospital, Patrick cautions Jason that he'll need immediate surgery on his damaged hands. Down the hall, Ian amuses Sam with his bedside banter. Spinelli finally manages to pull Maxie free from the iron gate and they climb out of the sewer.

In the warehouse, Nikolas struggles to subdue Diego but the text message killer slips away. Johnny uses his time inside the padded room to scrawl a musical composition across the walls. Jerry refuses to take no for an answer from Alexis. Maxie goes from the frying pan straight into the fire when she comes face to face with Diego. Ric assures Marianna that nobody will ever hurt her again.

Sonny roughs his prisoner up but Johnny insists he knows nothing about any shooting or Michael's disappearance. After they make love, Ric promises to show Marianna the property his dad wants to control. Diane urges Alexis not to get involved with a creature like Jerry. Diego meets his end during a second battle with Nikolas. Randy makes his way to Port Charles. Ian picks up a hooker.

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General Hospital
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