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General Hospital
March 6, 2008
Official Recap

Carly snipes at Elizabeth for possibly costing Jason the use of his hands. Spinelli retreats to Kelly's following a long night at the PCPD and is immediately accosted by Cassius. Nikolas returns to the warehouse to search for the missing Nadine. Diane brings Kate a get well gift guaranteed to make her smile.

Claudia drops by the coffee warehouse for another chat with Sonny. Repeating her assertion that the Zaccharas did not abduct Michael, Claudia warns Sonny she'll declare all out war on his organization if any harm comes to Johnny. Elizabeth icily advises Carly to play drama queen with her husband instead of bothering Jason.

Unaware of the bombs Diego planted before he died, Ric brings Marianna to the cannery on Alcazar's waterfront property. Cassius reminds Spinelli how he promised Epiphany he would get to the bottom of her son's death. Jerry meets again with his mysterious partner, who prods him to work harder on their "project." Maxie and Spinelli bump into one another at the cemetery when each comes to Georgie's grave to honor her.

Carly eavesdrops as Kate confides to Jax how Sonny cheated on her. Nadine is revealed to be lying bound and gagged at the bottom of the warehouse's elevator shaft. Maxie takes comfort in Spinelli's kind words about her sister. Ric's scuffle with Trevor inadvertently sets one of the time bombs in motion. Emily entreats Nikolas to undergo the surgery he needs. Jerry bristles when his partner threatens to harm Jax and Carly.

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General Hospital
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