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General Hospital
Episode Guide, May 15, 2008

Today on General Hospital, Max is forced to admit to Sonny how Jason ordered him and Milo to stay on their boss' tail as protection.

Claudia tells her brother her plan to trick Jason into killing Anthony. Nikolas decides to check himself out of the hospital ahead of schedule

Kate informs her assistants that she and Sonny have broken off their relationship but icily reminds Lulu and Maxie not to use her personal life as grist for the office rumor mill. Bobbie says her goodbyes to her grandson as Carly prepares to move Michael to the new facility.

Johnny warns Claudia that trying to pin their own crime on their father is bound to backfire badly. Jason reminds Sonny how they share with Carly the burden of being responsible for Michael's sad fate.

Jerry comes to the Zacchara compound to discuss leasing the old cannery on the Alcazar piers. Spinelli writhes in pain when Maxie boasts about Federico treating her like royalty during her stay in the Big Apple.

Jax promises Michael that Morgan will have the kind of childhood his big brother should have enjoyed. Later, a solemn Sonny and Carly ride together in the ambulance carrying their son to his new home.

Leyla cautions Nadine that Nikolas may never return the feelings she obviously harbors for him. Anthony makes it clear to an uneasy Ric that he expects the attorney to do whatever it takes to win Claudia's trust - including taking her to bed.

Meanwhile, Claudia runs into trouble on the docks. Jason gives Dr. Levitt the book on Africa and requests that her staff read to Michael from time to time...

... until next time on General Hospital!

General Hospital
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