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General Hospital
Episode Guide, 5/16

Today on General Hospital, Kate thanks Jax for escorting her to the party in Manhattan. Carly asks Jason to help her and Sonny get Michael settled in his new room.

Anthony tells Johnny he knows Claudia hired Ian to assassinate Sonny. After plunging his switchblade into Claudia, Jerry prepares to finish her off by slitting her throat but hastily pushes his victim into the river and hides the knife when Alexis happens along.

Alfred welcomes Nikolas home to Wyndemere. Though Johnny attempts to cover for his sister, Anthony warns that the story won't hold water. Kate confesses to Jax how she took a million dollars from "Crimson's" operating account to bribe Ian into leaving town.

Lulu turns to Nikolas for advice about her confusing love life. A tearful Jason recalls Michael's early years and thanks the boy for all the time they had together. Eager to take any opportunity to badmouth Claudia, Trevor confirms Anthony's suspicions about his daughter.

Nikolas describes for Lulu how his longstanding friendship with Emily blossomed into love during her battle with breast cancer. Sitting beside Michael's bed, Sonny sadly reminds his son that he will always love him.

Later, Carly says her own goodbyes to Michael but promises to return in just a few days. Elizabeth runs into trouble on the road as a thunderstorm moves across Port Charles.

Kate trades thinly veiled insults with Giselle and is grateful for a timely intervention from Jax. During the ride home, a sorrowful Carly clings to Sonny for support and the two share a kiss. A wounded Claudia manages to make it to the shore of Spoon Island.

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General Hospital
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