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General Hospital
Episode Guide, 5.2.08

Today on General Hospital, Jason fills Sonny in on what really happened between him and Claudia. Sonny and Carly are faced with more disturbing news about Michael. Anthony and Claudia both try to play each other. Anthony shuts Claudia out as he asserts his power.

Spinelli traces the money missing from the Crimson accounts, which leads him to Ian. Maxie stows away in Jason's car as he and Spinelli head out to track down Ian.

Patrick puts his foot in his mouth when he denies his attraction to Anna right in front of her and Robin. Patrick is greatly affected by the news about Michael as he contemplates his impending fatherhood.

Lulu assures Anthony that she wants nothing to do with Johnny.

Tracy's pleas for Luke to sever his ties to the mob fall on deaf ears. Anna struggles to accept the fact she's going to be a grandmother and goes to Luke looking for an adventure.

General Hospital
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