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General Hospital
Episode Guide, 5.23

Today on General Hospital, Patrick uses his video blog to warn other single guys about the pitfalls of expectant fatherhood. Meanwhile, Anna tells Robin she's decided to face reality and put in for a desk job now that she's going to be a granny.

On Spoon Island, Claudia explains to Nikolas why she can never escape her family's legacy. Sonny announces that he's turning over most of the business to Jason.

Anna's determination to be a proper grandma amuses Robin. Lucky warns an exasperated Lulu how hooking up with Johnny is a disaster waiting to happen. Nikolas admits to Claudia that they may actually have more in common than he first thought.

Jason reminds Sonny why his plan is bound to fail. During an encounter with two toughs at Jake's, Anna proves that she still has plenty of moxie and isn't quite ready for a rocking chair. Diane tries again to dissuade Sonny from signing the transfer papers.

Lulu and Johnny make love. Patrick and Robin agree not to watch each other's blog. Max awkwardly assures Diane that his crush on Carly is a thing of the past.

Claudia eavesdrops as Lucky and Nikolas discuss their kid sister's relationship with Johnny. Carly decides to spirit Morgan away from Port Charles.

What happens next? Find out in our General Hospital spoilers ...

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