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General Hospital
Episode Guide, 5.5.08

Today on General Hospital, Carly becomes upset when Jax and Sonny resign themselves to the fact that Michael needs to be placed in a permanent care facility. Carly is not having it: She will NOT give up on her son. Jax is later thrown for a loop when he learns Carly has made plans for Michael: She's made his bedroom into a makeshift hospital room, and will care for him at home.

Ian demands more money from Kate or threatens to kill Sonny—or tell him that she paid him off. Later, Kate breaks down after Claudia reads her the riot act. Sonny confides in Luke that keeping Michael alive on machines might not be best for the boy. Claudia arrives into the Sonny/Luke confab.

Anthony enjoys pitting Ric and Trevor against each other.

Jason is furious when he and Spinelli discover that Maxie has stowed away in their car as they search for Ian. Maxie explains she needs to find Ian herself, to see if he's connected to the missing Crimson money so Kate doesn't blame her. Jason leaves her at a bus stop on the side of the road.

After spotting Ian, Maxie sends a text message to Spinelli just before Ian grabs her. Logan catches Claudia eavesdropping on Anthony. Claudia visits Lulu digging for information about Logan.

Robin, Patrick and Tracy walk in on Luke and Anna's drinking contest and find Anna hanging upside down by a rope (she's trying to feel young again). A sore Anna struggles to accept the realization that she isn't as young as she used to be and admits to Robin her fears of becoming a grandmother. Robin is speechless when Anna asks Patrick when he plans on marrying her daughter.

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