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General Hospital
May 6, 2008 Recap

Today on General Hospital,

Sonny and Jax try to convince Carly they're desire for Michael to receive long term care in a proper facility. Carly won't hear it and refuses to let Michael be cared for anywhere else but her home. Sonny threatens to take Carly to court on the matter but she refuses to budge.

Jason and Spinelli arrive on the scene as Ian holds a scalpel to Maxie's throat, threatening to kill her. Ian admits to shooting Michael but won't tell Jason who he was working for. To save Maxie, Jason shoots Ian, killing him. Before dying, Ian whispers something to Jason, but we don't know what.

Is it revealing Claudia's guilt? Meanwhile, Sonny accuses Claudia of being behind Michael's shooting, but she claims he's got many enemies and insinuates Ric or Anthony may be behind it. Claudia thinks she and Jerry are in the clear but Jerry warns her otherwise – Ian will give them up easily.

Diane and Alexis have respective dates with Max and Jerry but can't keep their noses out of each other's business. Diane accuses Alexis of hypocrisy over the latter's advice of not dating bad boys – she's out with Jerry!

Robin asks her mother to repair the damage she's done with Patrick – take the pressure off Patrick to marry her! Anna, however, is called off on a mission before she can speak with Patrick. Patrick laments his Robin dilemma to an understanding Luke.

Until next time on General Hospital!

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