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General Hospital
Episode Guide, 5/7

Today on General Hospital ...

Carly brings Michael home from the hospital to be cared for by her. Jax is worried about Carly's total denial of Michael's situation. Carly explains Michael's condition to Morgan. She's devastated when she finds Morgan pleading with his brother to wake up.

Jason refuses to tell Alexis what, if anything, Ian said to him. Diane argues with Alexis over whether Jason should go to jail for shooting Ian.

Diana identifies that the Michael situation has Alexis worried over her daughter Kristina's safety, but taking it out on Jason won't help.

Jerry warns Claudia that if she's planning on running she'd better act sooner rather than later – if Jason is onto their role in Michael's shooting, they are both dead. A frightened Claudia finds Jason waiting for her in her bedroom. Alexis questions Jerry about his association with Ian.

On the day of his surgery, Nikolas says his final goodbye to Emily. During surgery, Nikolas has a vision of Emily, who leaves an engagement ring. The surgery is successful (to Nadine's relief) and we see Nikolas recovering—with the engagement ring in his hand.

Elizabeth celebrates Jake's first birthday with a small party in the park with Lulu, Robin and Bobbie.

Lulu shoos Spinelli away from the party, reiterating the fact that there can be no connection between Jason and Jake whatsoever. Robin tries to convince Patrick she doesn't need to get married and invites him to Jake's party.

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