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General Hospital
Episode Guide, 5.9

Today on General Hospital:

Jason knows things will never be the same between him and Sonny in the wake of Michael's shooting. Jason speculates with Spinelli about why Kate paid Ian a million dollars. Kate worries that Sonny will find out what she did (pay Ian, Michael's shooter, to leave town). Sonny overhears Jason confronting Kate about paying Ian and jumps to her defense.

Carly and Jax visit the permanent care facility for Michael. It's extremely difficult for Carly and she has an emotional breakdown.

Anthony uses scare tactics to get Lulu to do his bidding: Either she gets back with Johnny, or Anthony will send her father to jail.

Jerry tells Claudia that unless she always does exactly what he asks, he'll reveal to Jason she was behind Ian's accidental shooting of Michael.

Despite Sonny's warnings, Diane and Max cannot resist each other.

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