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Lulu, Lucky and Nikolas reunite with their mother as Luke looks on. Aboard the freighter, Jerry relays the rest of his plan to Sam.

Though Carly swears nothing happened between her and Sonny, Jax bitterly declares he's done. Laura asks her children to be completely truthful with her from now on.

At the hospital, Patrick regretfully reports to Anna that since Robin's blood still won't clot the only thing keeping her alive are constant transfusions.

Carly tearfully implores Jax for another chance but he advises her to sign the divorce papers and end their sham of a marriage.

While Spinelli speculates that Sam willingly joined forces with Jerry, Jason believes his former girlfriend was abducted.

Badly shaken after witnessing Karpov's murder, Olivia asks Elizabeth how she can love an assassin. Meanwhile, Sonny turns to an angry Carly to supply him with an alibi.

Determined to will her daughter to live, Anna reminds Robin how many times she's already beaten the odds. Tracy and Scott exchange insults as they wait for the Spencers to return to the hotel.

Harper places Sonny under arrest for killing Karpov. Tracy warns Laura she's not giving up her husband.

What happens next? Find out in our General Hospital spoilers ...

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