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As Jax looks on, Carly tells Mac she and Sonny were having sex when Karpov was killed. Jason and Sam make a leap overboard just an explosion rocks the boat.

Tracy reminds Laura how she hasn't had a real hold on Luke for years.

Diane advises Mac to release her client now that his alibi has been established. Elizabeth faces off with Maxie at the hospital.

After making it safely back to shore, Sam thanks Jason for saving her life. Lulu gently cautions Tracy that she's headed for heartbreak if she's hoping to stay married to Luke.

Maxie complains to Spinelli about Elizabeth's sniping.

Sonny expresses his gratitude to Carly, who bemoans the fact that she just blew her last chance to salvage her marriage.

Harper breaks some bad news to Jax after several of Jerry's personal possessions float to the surface in the harbor.

Laura tells her children she's decided to pursue therapy in France after all. Later, Laura shares a special farewell with Lucky, Lulu and Nikolas each in turn.

Spying a chance for some payback, Maxie slyly makes Elizabeth think Jason has returned to his old flame.

Sonny finds Sasha waiting for him outside the precinct house.

Jax suspects his brother may have survived the blast. At the airport, Luke and Laura part with one last, lingering kiss.

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