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Kate berates Olivia for flirting with Sonny. Jason reminds Elizabeth how the fire at his office dramatized the danger of her getting too close.

Alarmed to find an injured Maxie in the park, Spinelli carries her to the ER. At the Metro Court, Marty finds himself stuck in the middle again as Jax and Carly bicker once more.

Sonny wonders aloud why Kate is still showing flashes of jealousy after declaring them through. Johnny and Lulu make love.

Claudia tells Ric she's about to become the latest in a long line of his brother's wives. Jason regretfully echoes Lucky's warning to Elizabeth to keep her distance from Jake's biological father.

Nikolas informs an amused Carly that Nadine seems determined to drag him to the altar to keep him from being deported.

Leyla tries to reassure a fretful Spinelli as Matt examines Maxie. Jax drops a bombshell on Nikolas when he triumphantly reveals that he's just bought Spoon Island out from under the Cassadine prince.

Relieved to learn that Maxie will recover fully, Spinelli sits by her bed and makes a heartfelt profession of his love.

Kate spots Claudia coming on to Sonny. Sam offers Jason her assistance. An irate Mac blasts Spinelli for putting Maxie's life in jeopardy.

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