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Jason catches Spinelli trying to leave the with a gun. Robin tells Patrick it's time for her to start doing her share of the parenting duties.

Olivia bristles when Sonny answers her cell phone and has another conversation with her son. Sam approaches Sasha to ask for a job.

Though Spinelli vows to personally avenge the attack on the woman he loves, Jason urges his friend to let him handle the goons who hurt Maxie.

Edward tells Tracy why he's so anxious to have Monica named chief of staff at the hospital. Robin has her hands full caring for a fussy Emma after Patrick returns to work at the hospital.

Luke contemplates how to reopen his floating casino without using the Zaccharas' dirty money. Spinelli sneaks into the Corinthos compound and steals one of Sonny's guns.

Kate threatens to let her cousin's secret out of the bag after watching Olivia banter with Sonny yet again. Spinelli regretfully explains to Maxie why he must keep his distance from now on.

Sam gives a worried Lucky a heads-up about her latest undercover venture. Johnny makes Luke an offer to help him get the Haunted Star up and running. Maxie entreats Spinelli not to abandon her.

Though Patrick proves to be a natural as a new dad, Robin feels like a failure where her infant daughter is concerned.

Sasha instructs Sam to land a shipment for her.

Meanwhile, Jason prepares to hit his enemies hard and fast. Kate decides to drop a bombshell on Sonny. Unaware that Sam is on the premises, Jason and his men open fire on the Russians.

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