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Carly and Olivia commiserate over mistakes they've made. Sonny tells Claudia he wants to tie the knot right now.

As Sam and Elizabeth brace themselves for an attack, bullets begin crashing through the cabin's windows.

Kate assures Jax she feels no guilt about their kiss.

At the police station, Diane accuses Alexis of carrying out a personal vendetta against her client.

Cameron cries out for his mother after Sam manages to dispatch one of the marauders with her shotgun.

Sonny comes to Kate's place to explain why he's marrying Claudia.

Spinelli arrives at the precinct house with good news for Jason after using his cyber skills to give his mentor an ironclad alibi.

Johnny warns Anthony he'll leave the family forever if Claudia goes through with her wedding. Sonny presses Carly to carry a gun for her own protection. Jax and Kate fall into another passionate embrace.

Elizabeth is forced to kill one of the Russians after he overpowers Sam.

Claudia quietly reminds Ric that nothing has to change between them just because she's marrying his brother.

Carly spies her estranged husband having sex with Kate.

Johnny asks Lulu to run away with him. Jason finally arrives at the cabin and is alarmed to discover that the Russians have made off with baby Jake.

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