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Patrick and Robin are relieved to hear their newborn daughter cry for the first time. As Sam listens in hiding, Jason demands answers from Jerry.

Carly helps Sonny into an adjoining room, then is surprised to find Jax at her front door.

Luke struggles to pull Laura from the wrecked car before it topples down a ravine.

As an excited Anna, Mac and Maxie admire the baby, Robin announces that she's naming the child "Emma Grace Scorpio Drake."

In Los Angeles, Nikolas and Lulu sneak into Scott's hotel room to hunt for clues to their mother's whereabouts.

After Patrick discovers a small nick in Emma's ear, Robin panics to think the baby could have been exposed to HIV.

Jax tells Carly how miserable he's been ever since they separated.

Luke manages to extricate an unconscious Scott, then crawls in to rescue Laura but the vehicle rolls over the cliff with both of them inside.

Sam reminds a disapproving Jason why she has to finish the job she started.

Hopeful that their marriage can be saved, Carly agrees to meet Jax for dinner the following night.

After his siblings are caught, Lucky talks the police into releasing Lulu but Nikolas is informed that his green card will be revoked leading to his deportation from the United States.

Spinelli is touched when Robin offers to make him Emma's honorary uncle.

Later, Kelly assures Patrick and Robin their daughter tested negative for HIV. Sonny asks Carly not to call Jason.

Jerry grabs Sam as she returns to her apartment. Laura and Luke survive their latest ordeal. Robin suddenly takes a turn for the worse.

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