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Spinelli encourages Maxie to hold on to hope, Patrick keeps his vigil beside Robin's bed, and after forcing Luke to sleep outside all night, Laura reminds him why she's so angry.

As his fever finally breaks, Sonny thanks Carly for nursing him back to health. Sam awakens to find Jerry leaning over her.

Luke explains the strange circumstances under which he and Tracy were married, then resorts to faking chest pains to get Laura to let him in.

Jason is alarmed to hear Robin's grim prognosis.

Nikolas, Lulu, Lucky and Tracy lead a search party into the woods and soon unearth the wrecked car in the ravine.

Although chained to a berth in the ship's boiler room, Sam tells Jerry she's confident he has no intention of killing her. Sonny realizes that Karpov may not have been responsible for Kate's shooting after all.

Laura makes it clear to Luke how irked she was by the way he lied to her. Jason seeks a link between the explosion on the docks and the bombing of the Metro Court.

As Patrick feeds baby Emma for the first time, Robin finally opens her eyes.

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