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Carly barges into Jason's office to find her friend pretending to be Max's bodyguard. Robin explains to Kate why she has such affection for Sonny.

Maxie and Spinelli scramble into hiding when two armed men suddenly enter the Crimson office. Carly decides to play along with Max's ruse, fawning over her "lover" as Diane scowls in disapproval.

After the intruders depart, Spinelli discovers a note threatening Kate's life. Olivia accuses Sonny of lying to his fiancee for months on end.

Carly gently fends off Maximus' come-on. Sam thanks Lucky for a wonderful weekend at the cabin with the kids. Claudia rents a room from Coleman for the night.

Though Olivia snipes at him to get out of the mob, Sonny insists it's no longer an option.

Maximus advises Max to cut Carly loose so he can date her himself.

Patrick contemplates revealing a secret to Sonny. Olivia tells Alexis why Karpov should be her prime suspect in the shooting investigation.

Following a game of pool at Jake's, Claudia invites Ric upstairs for another roll in the hay. Robin and Patrick decide to tie the knot before their baby arrives. Lucky and Sam declare their love for one another.

Alexis brings a disgruntled Karpov in for questioning. Maxie enjoys pushing Jason to his limits as the "bodyguard" is forced to wait on Max and his guests.

Karpov orders Jerry to kill Alexis.

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