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Jason falls off a ladder helping Elizabeth paint her studio. Spinelli and Maxie decide to spring Lulu from Shady Brook.

Nikolas and Nadine give in to passion but the moment is ruined by Carly's untimely arrival. Sonny orders Max to tail Karpov and learn his routine.

Elizabeth enjoys tending to Jason's sprained ankle as they look at recent photos of baby Jake.

Nadine furiously accuses Carly of having romantic designs on Nikolas. In Mexico, Luke advises Tracy to offer the local cop a bribe.

Posing as a doctor and her patient, Maxie and Spinelli sneak in to rescue Lulu but find her glumly scrutinizing yet another threatening note.

Patrick encourages Robin to have a C-section to avoid the possibility of blood contact with their baby.

Ric eagerly fuels Sonny's simmering anger towards Jason.

Jax threatens to sue both Nikolas and Carly if they transact any business regarding the Metro Court. Lulu tells her astonished visitors she's not being blackmailed because she wrote the notes herself.

Sonny again insists that Jason turn the organization back over to him.

Carly apologizes to Nikolas for using him to try to make her husband jealous. Edward explains to Tracy why there's been a delay in getting the charges against Luke dropped.

Sam invites a drooling Jerry to join her in the hot tub. Jason refuses to knuckle under to Sonny's demands.

Tracy is arrested for bribing a police officer.

Spinelli's natural quirkiness accidentally lands him in a strait jacket inside a padded cell.

Alexis drops by her daughter's place unannounced and is aghast to spot Sam and Jerry in an embrace. Sonny accepts Anthony's offer.

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