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Luke assures Tracy he never wants to be free. Claudia tells Jason how she holds the key to stopping the mob war.

Carly smells a rat when she spots Jax meeting with an attractive attorney at the Metro Court. Lulu happily reports to her mother that she wasn't responsible for the threatening notes.

Sonny reminds Kate why he can't give her what she wants.

Claudia suggests that Jason marry her himself to put the kibosh on her father's evil plan. Spinelli and Maxie explain to Lulu why they suspect Trevor may be the person who's harassing her.

Olivia angrily confronts Sonny about the deal he's arranging with the Zaccharas. Carly tells Nikolas she's sure her estranged husband is plotting trouble for both of them.

Lulu finds yet another note outside Laura's room.

Tracy reminds Luke how he always creates some drama as an excuse to get away when he feels suffocated by any kind of domesticity.

Spinelli attempts to get the goods on Trevor.

Meanwhile, Scott makes it plain to a trembling Lulu that he expects her to pay for killing Logan. Sonny intercepts a call for Olivia and is surprised to learn that she has a son.

As Scott menaces Lulu, Laura suddenly springs to life in defense of her frightened daughter.

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