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Lulu is forced into a straitjacket and locked in a padded room. Scott admits to Laura how he was hoping he could persuade her to fall for him again.

In Mexico, Tracy and Luke go on the lam in a hail of gunfire. Nadine and Nikolas enjoy getting closer. Maxie enlists Spinelli's help in making preparations for her cousin's impending nuptials.

Lulu escapes from Shady Brook in one of the institution's own vehicles. Facing Laura's wrath, Scott explains how he actually killed Rick Webber to defend her.

Luke and Tracy head towards Port Charles in a stolen plane.

Sam tries to mend fences with the man she loves but Lucky gets distracted by the sudden appearance of his agitated kid sister.

Patrick bumps into Olivia at Jake's after bowing out of an evening spent tying birdseed into bags with Robin, Maxie and Spinelli.

Lulu tries frantically to make Lucky understand what transpired at Shady Brook. Laura accuses Scott of punishing her daughter simply because he's bitter over the choices she herself made years ago.

Patrick suggests to Olivia that her child's father might want to know he has a son. Lucky and Lulu interrupt Nikolas' evening with Nadine.

Laura realizes Scott is taking her back to Los Angeles in an effort to recreate their romantic past.

What happens next? Find out in our General Hospital spoilers!

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