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Sonny informs Olivia he has no intention of marrying Claudia. Mac objects to Jason's presence at the church but Robin insists she wants him there, and Claudia calmly watches her father convulsing on the floor.

Epiphany cautions Patrick not to tempt fate by doing rounds at the hospital instead of dressing for his nuptials.

Olivia warns Kate not to fall for Sonny's lies yet again.

Though Claudia argues in favor of letting Anthony die, Johnny hastens to call an ambulance for their ailing dad.

Patrick asks Matt to come to his wedding, while Robin thanks Maxie for convincing Jason to attend. Olivia storms off after Kate icily suggests that her cousin wants Sonny all to herself.

Mac shares a tender father-daughter moment with Maxie.

Robin expresses a hope that Elizabeth will wind up with Jason. Patrick is delayed once more when Anthony is brought to the hospital suffering from a brain aneurysm which requires immediate surgery.

Anna reads Robin a loving note from Robert.

Patrick agrees to operate on Anthony.

Coleman arrives alone at the church and confidently assures a nervous Mac that the groom shouldn't be far behind.

Meanwhile, some of the wedding guests begin to wonder if Patrick is about to leave his bride standing at the altar.

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