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Nadine jumps to the wrong conclusion after spotting Carly and Nikolas. Jason overhears Sonny vowing to put the fear of God into his enemies.

Declaring her love, Robin asks Patrick to marry her so they can spend the rest of their lives together.

Though relieved to hear her cousin's prognosis, Olivia reminds Sonny that he's still not off the hook for lying to Kate about the mob.

Nikolas suggests to Carly that selling him her share of the Metro Court could make her split from Jax less painful in the end.

Spinelli and Bernie debate the dubious wisdom of Jason carrying out Sonny's wishes in the wake of his fiancee's shooting.

Patrick explains to a disappointed Robin why he thinks it's better if they both remain single. Nadine confronts Carly, who assures the nurse that she misinterpreted what she saw.

Bernie urges his boss not to violate the truce with Karpov.

Robin bemoans her predicament to a sympathetic Anna.

Jax cautions Carly not to let Nikolas take advantage of her vulnerability, then is caught off guard when she asks him to sell his half of the hotel.

Anna advises her daughter to stop second guessing Patrick. Determined to teach her lover a lesson, Nadine pulls Spinelli into a kiss.

Sonny informs Jason he's taking over the organization once again. Kate comes to and whispers to Patrick that Sonny must know he has a child with Olivia.

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