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Kate tells Patrick about the son her fiance doesn't know exists. Claudia and Ric grow closer. Jason tells Sonny he's not going to do his dirty work.

Nadine is disappointed when Nikolas fails to react to the sight of her laying a big kiss on a baffled Spinelli.

Jax warns Carly he has no intention of selling the Metro Court.

An emotional Johnny tells Anthony he's finally resigned to his fate. Sonny furiously declares that he's taking back the business but Jason refuses to cave.

After stumbling over a high-powered Russian rifle, Johnny realizes that his father was responsible for the shooting at the church.

Olivia remains blissfully unaware that Kate has blurted out her cousin's enormous secret. Ric and Claudia make love for the first time.

Elizabeth explains to Nikolas how Nadine is desperately attempting to hide the fact that she's fallen head over heels for him.

Enraged by his protege's "betrayal," Sonny returns to the hospital to check on Kate. Spinelli gives Nadine a badly needed pep talk when she bemoans the mess she's made of a once promising romance.

Johnny walks in on his sister and her new lover. Anthony offers Sonny his help taking revenge on Karpov.

Olivia wastes no time letting Kate know how Sonny lied about leaving the mob.

What happens next? Find out in our General Hospital spoilers!

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