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Nikolas struggles to pull Nadine and Matt from the free clinic.

Jerry demands to know what prompted Sam's sudden 180.

Kate relents and tells Sonny she will marry him after all.

Epiphany reports Mrs. Albright to the judge after catching the old woman making a call to Anthony Zacchara.

Later, Alonzo Garcia joins the jury as Albright's replacement and the deliberations begin anew.

Apologizing for walking in on Elizabeth and Jason, Carly tries to beat a hasty retreat. Sam keeps her cool and works to convince Jerry she's tired of being the good girl.

Diane is appalled to discover that Kate has decided to forgive and forget.

Edward makes an impassioned plea to convince his fellow jurors of Johnny's guilt but Epiphany reminds the others that the defendant was only trying to save his sister from being raped and murdered.

After Elizabeth departs, Jason listens to Carly bemoan the break-up of her marriage to Jax.

At the hospital, Monica assures Nikolas that Nadine should make a full recovery.

As Kate defends Sonny against Diane's accusations, Jax arrives and bitterly advises the bride-to-be to prepare herself for further heartache when Sonny cheats with Carly again.

Sam tells Lucky she kissed Jerry but didn't sleep with him.

Scott is outraged when the jury returns with a verdict of not guilty. Afterwards, Johnny thanks his father for backing him up when the chips were down.

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