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Carly glares from across the room as Jax and Leyla share a romantic dinner.

Anna puzzles over Noah's strange reaction to the sight of Matt in the ICU.

Diane bemoans to Jason how much she already misses Max.

Laura gives Dr. McGuinness permission to discuss her condition with her daughter. Robin and Patrick again contemplate names for their baby.

Lulu learns how her mother has taken an experimental drug treatment which requires much secrecy. Diane lashes out at Sonny from the depths of her own misery.

Later, the attorney apologizes to Jason for her uncharacteristic meltdown. Patrick explains to Robin why he wants their daughter to take his name. Nikolas moves Nadine into Wyndemere to begin her recuperation.

Dr. McGuinness tells Lulu that Laura could either recover fully or else fade away again. Jax invites Leyla to fly to Tahiti with him for some fun in the sun but she declines on the grounds that he's simply looking for a rebound relationship in the wake of his separation from Carly.

Laura tells Lulu she wants to keep her recovery quiet just a bit longer.

Matt bitterly reminds Noah how late it is to be showing any fatherly concern. Jerry tells Alexis that Sam has started coming on to him.

A drunken Max grouses to Kate and Sonny about Diane dumping him. After accidentally overhearing part of Matt and Noah's argument, Patrick is stunned to learn that he has a brother.

Laura surprises Lulu by suddenly declaring that she's ready to let her sons know she woke up. Nikolas and Nadine share a kiss.

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