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Lulu wonders what prompted her mother's change of heart. Lucky cautions Sam that she's playing with fire.

Carly reports to Jason how compatible they were when Spinelli compared their characteristics on line. Stunned to learn that Matt is Noah's son, Patrick confronts his father.

Kate assures Sonny she has no regrets about leaving behind her former life as Connie Falconetti from Bensonhurst.

Alexis hesitantly asks her daughter if she's been coming on to Jerry.

Noah admits to an outraged Patrick how he agreed to financially support Matt and his mother but had no contact with the boy over the years.

Noah is forced to explain the sticky situation to Anna as well.

Pointing out that they're both unattached again, Max asks Carly out on a date. Alexis confides to Diane her fear that history may be repeating itself.

Patrick tells Robin he's just discovered that he has a brother. Sonny returns to his old stomping grounds in Brooklyn.

Mike suggests to Kate that Jason should really be best man at her wedding. Laura and Lulu prepare to share some good news with Lucky and Nikolas.

Spinelli prods Jason to face the fact that he needs Elizabeth in his life. Over dinner at the Metro Court, Carly listens sympathetically to Max's tale of woe and urges her friend to follow his heart.

Sam attempts a risky strategy with Jerry.

Max pulls out all the stops to win Diane back. Lulu's brothers sadly assume she's been hallucinating again when she tries and fails to rouse Laura.

Jason turns down Kate's personal invitation to the wedding.

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