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Vito cautions Olivia that getting entangled with Sonny is a big mistake.

Kate questions her fiance about his mysterious disappearance.

Maxie comes to Shady Brook to visit Lulu and finds her down in the dumps.

Spinelli prods an irked Jason to attend Sonny's nuptials.

Anthony continues to hide the fact that he's regained the use of his legs. Carly and Jax begin to discuss divorce proceedings.

Lulu shakily confides to Maxie how she imagined for weeks that Laura had recovered. Olivia discloses to her disapproving brother that she's already agreed to go to Connie's wedding.

Maxie's heart goes out to Lulu after hearing her tale.

Sonny assures Kate that nothing can stand in the way of their happiness now. Jason warns Anthony of the dire consequences should he not abide by the terms of their agreement.

Jax asks Alexis to handle his divorce.

Anthony punishes Trevor's incompetence by putting Ric in charge of imports.

Kate fears that in the eyes of the Catholic church Sonny is still married to Carly because their four marriages were never annulled.

Later, however, Reverend Norris promises the bride-to-be that the ceremony can go on as planned. Lulu is overheard as she talks to an unresponsive Laura about killing Logan.

Carly asks Jason to escort her to the wedding. Spinelli points out a flaw in Maxie's plan.

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