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Jason asks a delighted Spinelli for help with a special project. Olivia boards a flight for Port Charles. Jax is appalled to learn that his estranged wife plans to attend Sonny's wedding.

Lulu coaxes Johnny to come for another visit but Claudia reminds her brother why he needs to keep his distance from the unstable girl.

Kate grows a bit melancholy as she realizes how her upcoming nuptials won't be able to reflect any part of her former life.

Lucky tells Elizabeth he and Sam are taking a weekend trip to the lake with the boys.

Lulu explains to Nikolas how certain she is that spending time with Johnny will be beneficial for her recovery.

Unburdening herself to her seat mate on the plane, Olivia admits how conflicted she is about her old boyfriend marrying her cousin.

After Giselle suffers a fall which disqualifies her as maid of honor, Kate asks another to step in but another mishap quickly ensues.

Carly goes to Shady Brook to fill Lulu in on how her marriage has crumbled. Diane and Alexis clash after discovering that they've both picked out the exact same dress for the wedding.

Kate enlists Maxie to stand in as maid of honor but a mix-up with the flowers convinces the bride her ceremony is jinxed.

Tipped off by Ric, Lucky roughly orders Johnny to stay away from Lulu. Jason surprises Elizabeth with an invitation to join him on a trip to Italy.

Claudia prods Ric to escort her to the Howard-Corinthos nuptials. Olivia checks into the Metro Court.

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