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Lainey cautions Lulu that seeing Johnny is a bad idea. Kate, Sonny, Mike and Maxie run through the wedding rehearsal.

Intrigued to hear that Sonny is picking up Olivia's tab at the Metro Court, Carly introduces herself to the new face in town.

A fuming Lucky warns Johnny to steer clear of Lulu. Elizabeth happily agrees to go to Italy with Jason. Olivia explains to an amused Carly how she came to Port Charles to see her cousin Connie tie the knot.

Claudia works hard to convince Ric to escort her to his brother's wedding. Following the rehearsal, a beaming Kate and Sonny discuss their honeymoon plans.

Olivia gives Carly an earful about growing up with Connie and Sonny in Bensonhurst. Lulu rails at her brother for forcing Johnny to leave Shady Brook without allowing them to have a visit.

Anthony offers a wary Sonny his best wishes.

Olivia surprises Kate at her home. Nikolas makes a generous offer to purchase the Metro Court but Jax curtly informs him that the hotel is not for sale.

Nadine sneaks aboard one of Karpov's ships and is quickly apprehended by Sasha and her goons. Sonny suggests that Kate make Olivia her maid of honor.

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