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Maxie discovers she's been replaced as maid of honor. Kate is rattled by a congratulatory bouquet from Karpov.

Jason tells Sonny that Carly may be plotting to spoil his wedding.

Nikolas begins to worry about Nadine when she fails to report for work at the hospital.

Mike thanks Kate for working so hard to keep him connected to his son.

Maxie asks Spinelli to trace her employer's family tree. Johnny sneaks into Shady Brook disguised as an orderly and is reunited with a thrilled Lulu.

Though in the grasp of Sasha's burly goons, Nadine manages to send out a distress call to Nikolas.

Angered to think that Kate is nothing but a social climbing phony, Maxie complains to Spinelli that her own career in high fashion will crash and burn once Connie Falconeri is unmasked.

Johnny offers to sneak Lulu out of the hospital so she can attend Kate's wedding.

Nadine attempts to stall for time, then breathes a sigh of relief as Nikolas overpowers Sasha and forces her henchmen to back off at gunpoint.

Olivia's hackles rise when Kate refuses to wear their grandmother's necklace. Maxie decides to keep a close eye on Olivia to ensure that no bombshells about Bensonhurst erupt at the nuptials.

As his guests begin to arrive, Sonny is intrigued to spot Ric escorting Claudia. Nikolas and Nadine swim for their lives.

Kate and Olivia's argument intensifies and soon draws the amused attention of everyone gathered in the church.

Later, the ceremony finally begins and Kate marches down the aisle to her waiting groom.

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