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Tracy alerts the staff that her stepdaughter is missing. As Kate and Sonny's wedding begins, a shot rings out and THE BRIDE HITS THE FLOOR.

While the frightened guests stampede towards the exit, Mike calls for an ambulance and Jason sends his men chasing after the shooter.

As Sam and Lucky come to pick up the boys for their camping trip, Elizabeth announces that she and Jason are leaving for an adventure in Italy.

Johnny hurries Lulu back to Shady Brook before the police arrive at the church. Mike begs Carly to use her nursing training to help Kate.

Olivia entreats her wounded cousin to pull through as Sonny anxiously leans over Kate. Jason learns that the assassin hit his intended target.

Maxie clings to Spinelli in the wake of the shooting. Lucky reminds an irked Elizabeth how her children might suffer if she goes off with Jason.

Jax admits to Carly that he already knew about "Connie." Tracy catches Lulu kissing Johnny. In the ER, Monica informs Sonny that the bullet is lodged against Kate's spine.

Diane bemoans her failure to convince Kate not to go through with it. An excited Elizabeth heads to the airport. Karpov denies Claudia's accusation.

Lulu is shaken to receive a threatening note. A seething Sonny orders Jason to send Karpov a message. Ric stumbles over Anthony's secret.

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