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Jason reminds a chastened Spinelli how he worried Elizabeth needlessly with his wild tale about Sasha. Carly is pleasantly surprised to find Jax waiting for her at home.

Nadine confides to Leyla how thrilled she was to share a romantic dinner with Nikolas on Spoon Island. Edward grumbles when Monica refuses to help him evade jury duty.

Upset after hearing Diane's conversation with Max, Clarice wonders how to get in touch with her employer. Jax shows his wife the blueprints he drew up for an elegant new house for their family.

Lulu thanks Laura for helping her feel better than she has in a long time. An agitated Maxie appeals to Spinelli and Jason to do whatever they must to keep her off the witness stand at Johnny's trial.

Meanwhile, Johnny warns Claudia to stay mum about Lulu killing Logan. Still hoping to change her mind about marriage, Patrick shows Robin several video testimonies from friends and acquaintances.

Jason advises Maxie to simply stick to the story she concocted when Scott is cross-examining her in court. As the jury selection begins, Epiphany is chosen along with an annoyed Edward.

Upon her return to Port Charles, Tracy heads to Shady Brook to check in on Lulu. Nikolas assures a beaming Nadine that he enjoyed their evening together and would like to see her again.

Carly and Jax celebrate their reconciliation. Later, Carly happily reports to Jason that her marriage is back on track at last.

Tracy and Alan chuckle at the sight of their father forced to sit on a jury along side the "great unwashed." Diane prods a reluctant Max to come clean with Kate about her fiance's indiscretion.

Johnny is startled to learn that he will be eligible for the death penalty if he's found guilty of murder.

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