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Alexis cautions Jax that placing his trust in Carly is bound to lead to more heartache. Kate and Sonny return to Port Charles.

Though Ric argues against allowing circumstances, Scott convinces the judge that Logan was a police officer.

Jax assures Alexis that his wife is totally committed to their marriage.

Diane prods a nervous Max to have a private word with Kate.

Nikolas visits his sister and is pleased to see how much progress Lulu has made.

Maxie hovers over Spinelli as he's released from the hospital.

Epiphany and Edward both make new friends as they begin their stint in the jury box. Trevor reminds a fuming Anthony the fix is in to ensure that his son will be acquitted.

Max attempts to tell Kate her fiance's secret but winds up losing his nerve. Lucky arrives at Shady Brook and reluctantly informs a distraught Lulu that Johnny could now face the death penalty.

Certain Jason can't care for Spinelli properly, Maxie takes it upon herself to move into the penthouse to nurse her friend back to health.

Scott and Ric deliver their opening remarks to the jury. Sonny comes to the Metro Court to clear the air with Carly.

Lulu glumly tells Laura how Scott forged documents to ensure that Johnny pays for Logan's demise with his life.

Carly wishes Sonny well with his bride-to-be. Meanwhile, Clarice regretfully reveals to a stunned Kate how Sonny and Carly had sex back in May.

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