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Sam catches Jerry skulking around the free clinic after hours.

A weeping Carly swears to Jax that he's the only man she loves.

Sonny hurries to help an injured Claudia following the crash.

Lucky angrily accuses Johnny of totally screwing up Lulu's life. Jason points out to Maxie how important she's become to Spinelli.

At Shady Brook, Lulu again takes comfort in her mother's embrace and calming words. Though Jerry claims he was merely trying to warn Nikolas about a new shipment of counterfeit drugs, Sam finds his explanation less than credible. Jax informs Carly their marriage is over.

Claudia is terrified to discover that she has very little feeling in her legs. Sonny phones for an ambulance, then smells gas and pulls Claudia from her wrecked vehicle just before it explodes.

Johnny urges Nikolas to get his sister as far away from Port Charles as possible before the trial resumes.

Spinelli overhears Maxie talking about him with Jason. Morgan finds his mom crying and tries his best to cheer her up.

Meanwhile, a gloomy Jax confides to Jerry how he walked out on his wife. Nikolas realizes with a start that Lulu was responsible for killing Logan.

Carly explains to a sympathetic Mercedes that her marriage is on the rocks because of her own major mistakes. Claudia thanks Sonny for saving her life.

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