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Rebecca rages at Lucky for trying to destroy her and Nikolas. Lucky reminds her that she's the one who came to town to take advantage of everyone.

He also states that his loyalty is to his brother.

Dominic finds Rebecca drinking heavily at Jake's and takes her back to his place for sex only to find she has fallen asleep.

Escorting her tipsy friend inside, Elizabeth vows not to leave an upset Nikolas.

As he complains about being hurt again while still longing for Emily, Elizabeth challenges him to get past all of this and start his life again. Nikolas pulls Elizabeth into a passionate kiss just as Lucky arrives at Wyndemere.

Carly won't have it when Alexis tells her and Jax that they should call in a private investigator. Lying next to him to keep him warn, Sam talks to Jason in hopes of keeping him alive and gets him to promise he won't die on her.

When Dominic interrupts their argument, Olivia announces to Sonny that she wants him to stay out of her life. Sonny confides to Dominic how the woman can't resist him but Dominic calls Sonny delusional and nervously reminds his boss that Sonny is married.

Later, Sonny figures out that Alexis may be covering for Kristina's driving the night of Claudia s accident. Kristin offers Michael advice on what to do with Marita during their date.

Finding a PDA on the beach, Michael and Kristin send text messages home, assuring their relieved relatives that they are safe.

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