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Jerry fails to find Sam and Jason hiding in the ceiling. Suffering a fever because of infected wounds, Jason imagines he's back in Hawaii with Sam.

Reacting to his delirious words, Sam tells him that she loves him but Jason doesn't understand. Carly and Jax bring Spinelli over in hopes he can trace the email from Kristina and Michael.

Holding back her tears as she admits she's taking the blame for her, Alexis confides to Sonny that Kristina did take the car and run Claudia off the road.

Spinelli traces the email to a source in Cancun but decides not to tell the kids' parents after hearing Jax and Sonny arguing about who will go rescue them.

An upset Nikolas kisses Elizabeth but she pulls back and claims this isn't the time. Just then, Lucky arrives and though Nikolas insists that he's fine with what Rebecca did, he asks Elizabeth to reveal how upset his brother is.

After Lucky takes her home, Nikolas returns to the turret where he starts talking to himself about Emily. Molly interrupts and asks for his help after telling him what happened with Alexis.

Meanwhile, Elizabeth is emotional after arriving at home.

While Robin and Patrick role play Andrea confronting Brianna, they spot the mayor's wife peeking in. Told she was seen snooping around the mansion, Robin denies that she was there for anything other than taking her baby for a walk.

After she leaves, Patrick reminds his wife that Madison cannot be trusted. Madison checks out Robin's schedule at the hospital.

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