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Maxie and Lulu panic as they read Giselle was arrested for fraud and fear Kate's secret may be uncovered. Kate admits that Jax helped engineer the woman's arrest.

Sonny finds Johnny raging at his sister and grabs a nearby crowbar. Johnny admits that he called his sister a "lying bitch" but guesses Sonny has called her worse names.

Sonny boasts that he's mistaken if he thinks that the miscarriage has ended their marriage and then defends Claudia, calling her loyal to her family.

He demands that Johnny apologize to Claudia but he instead tells her that she deserves Sonny. Patrick catches Andrea listening outside Alexis' office as Robin explains why she thinks the mayor's wife killed Brianna.

When Robin insists that she has a right to investigate the murder, Andrea threatens her. Once the mayor's wife leaves, Patrick warns his wife not to antagonize the woman, especially if she is a killer.

Claudia overhears Sonny talking with Alexis about the accident and learns it was Kristina who forced her off the road.

After Chad punches Michael and demands to know where his watch is, a bleeding Michael dares him to punch him again, just as Jason and Sam arrive.

Ignoring Carly's warning as well as a nagging Tara, Kiefer keeps an eye on Molly and asks if she's heard from "K."

Jason calls to report that Michael and Kristina are safe.

Michael tells Jason he's not going home. Sam stuns Kristina with the news that Alexis confessed to running Claudia off the road. Morgan warns Molly about Kiefer being a bully.

Sonny returns home and interrupts Max and Diane as they go at it on the couch. Andrea researches poisons on the Internet.

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