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Diane is touched when Max worries she's not eating "heart healthy." When he claims this isn't over, Sam tells Agent Rayner she threw the sphere into the burning room.

She assures him it's gone.

Rayner warns that if Anthony doesn't show up alive, Spinelli will be going to prison after all. Alexis stops Rayner and warns him not to talk to her again without her lawyer being present.

Vowing to take care of him, Maxie announces to Spinelli that she won't let him have orange soda or barbecue chips anymore.

She then suggests they talk about their relationship and forbids him from risking his life anymore. Later, Winnifred warns Spinelli that Anthony must be found.

Lulu asks Johnny to stop worrying about the past and live in the present.

Calling it a disaster when she and Lulu realize the Crimson dress was not seen at a big event and unable to find an "a-list" star to wear it, Maxie decides to wear the dress herself to the Campbell's AHA gala in New York.

Spinelli stops by to see Maxie but collapses when he can't stop coughing. Claudia's relieved when Milo finds another of Jerry's DVDs and she takes it before he tries to watch it.

After figuring out he hid another disc in Michael's room, Claudia catches Kate snooping. Jax assures Carly that he wants to wake up next to her everyday for the rest of his life.

Their talk of romance is interrupted by Edward who wants to discuss rebuilding a new and better General Hospital.

Unable to concentrate on anything but Carly, Jax assigns Olivia to take over the meeting with Edward.

What happens next? Find out in our General Hospital spoilers!

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