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Nikolas shows Rebecca around Wyndemere. She is quick to badmouth what she sees as a dark and uninviting place.

He finally gets the chance to describe the love he had for Emily, her lookalike, but the story so unnerves her that she flees the place.

Later, Nadine approaches Rebecca

Robin invites Patrick to go out to a romantic dinner with her but he nixes the idea of getting a babysitter and insists on staying in with her and the baby.

As they "dine in," Robin convinces him to hire a nanny so she can go back to work. Kate boasts to Claudia that sooner or later, the truth about her secret is going to come out.

Claudia boasts that if Kate had anything on her about Michael's shooting, she would have given it to Sonny.

Ric interrupts and senses there is something going on but can't learn anything. Sonny and Jason argue about how best to deal with Anthony and what to do with the business.

Jason assures him that he doesn't want to fight him anymore and admits that he wants his old job back. Just then, Sonny gets a call that Anthony has been found.

Asking Sam for help, the two head to Florida where they pose as newlyweds at a resort. Ric offers to help Sonny run the business but Sonny isn't interested.

As the two wait for Johnny and Maxie to return from the Go Red ball, Lulu sends Spinelli a link to the first photos from tonight's party in New York. He's jealous to see them embracing as they pose together.

When the happy "couple" returns to the limo, Lulu stares in disbelief at how much fun Maxie and Johnny are having.

Later, Spinelli's touched when Maxie confesses how important he is to her and then falls asleep next to him. Guessing she's upset with him not Maxie, Johnny assures Lulu that he has no interest in Maxie.

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