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Agent Rayner warns that until they successfully find the missing sphere, anyone trying to leave will be shot. Maxie and Johnny start kissing passionately while hiding out.

He tries to convince Maxie that she is not going to hurt Spinelli but won't change his mind that he will eventually disappoint Lulu.

Admiring his determination and his concern for Maxie, Sam tells Spinelli he reminds her of her late brother.

As Elizabeth struggles to fight the deadly toxin, Lucky sits by her hospital bed and reminisces with her about the great times they've had together.

Jason sees them growing closer and Sam later spots them holding hands.

Patrick panics when he realizes that Robin is driving the baby to the hospital. Epiphany tries to reassure him that they'll be fine and Robin will bring the baby to a clinic instead.

It's Jason who gets the doctor to calm down as he warns of the danger they still face. After Edward tries to explain to Monica the problems they're facing, Tracy blames Jason who denies it and explains he's actually working with the FBI.

When he arrives, Monica asks him to reassure her that he had nothing to do with this. A frustrated Tracy lashes out at Patrick for the mess at the hospital but as she does so, she collapses.

When a man inside the hospital pulls out a gun in order to force his way out, Sam points her own and shoots but hits Jason in the arm instead.

Getting lost and running out of gas, Robin ends up stuck in the storm with her crying baby. Realizing they might freeze to death, Robin bundles up her baby and heads out into the snow.

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