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Dazed, Robin doesn't know where her baby is. Cries from Emma lead Maxie to find her wrapped in Robin's coat, inside the hollow of a tree.

Johnny gets the car going and heads to the hospital.

Patrick's relieved to finally hear from Robin while Maxie is very concerned about Robin. Luke is suspicious when Ethan claims he knew Holly.

Doubting anything he says now, Luke gets him to reveal that he's been on the road since he was in his teens after his parents died in a car crash.

He adds that he met Holly at a beach hotel and that she told him about Port Charles. Running into Ric as he chases Anthony, Sonny warns that he can't protect the mobster anymore.

Rick tries to stop him and suggests he let Anthony die from the toxin.

Ric then lays into Claudia for betraying him but she insists she thought it best to prove her loyalty to her husband.

A frightened Anthony hides in the hospital chapel and complains to Trevor about being hunted. Assuring him he will go talk with Sonny, Trevor orders him to stay there. He then finds Sonny and sends him to the chapel.

Jason warns Sam that Sonny intends to kill Anthony and he must stop him. Jason barges into the chapel and holds Sonny at gunpoint, ordering him not to kill Anthony.

Claudia leaks her father's secrets to an upset Carly.

Nikolas finally gets a chance to meet the Emily lookalike, Rebecca.

Finding a hazmat-suited Spinelli in the OR, Winifred argues with him about allowing Equinox to get their hands on the deadly spheres again.

She insists they are committed to retrieving them but he calls it a moral outrage. When the OR suddenly explodes, Spinelli dives in front of his cyber friend to try to protect her.

What happens next? Find out in our General Hospital spoilers!

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