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Jason points his gun at Sonny and orders him not to shoot. Sonny knocks Anthony out with his gun and admits he did it for him.

Jason drags the mob boss to a room where he lays him on a bed and binds his hands with restraints.

In the OR as the last sphere is safely placed in the container within a briefcase, Spinelli realizes the danger present from the escaping oxygen and anesthesia, a second before the place blows up.

Spinelli and Winifred are thrown through the door but emerge uninjured. Showing her the lone sphere he has in a little bottle, Trevor talks with Claudia about going away together.

Carly interrupts and, as they hear and feel the explosion, Trevor guesses that the hospital is on fire.

Later, Carly warns Sonny that Trevor has one of the spheres.

Sonny catches up with him but lets him go after he threatens to release the deadly toxin.

Robin, Maxie and Johnny arrive at the locked hospital doors where Agent Rayner explains why they can't take the baby inside to be treated.

Robin panics because Patrick is inside and asks Johnny and Maxie to take Emma to Mercy Hospital while she helps evacuate everyone.

There, Johnny uses his infamous last name to get Emma examined and discover she has pneumonia. Maxie guesses Robin's emotionally unbalanced because she left the baby with them.

Staring to panic in her hospital bed, Elizabeth's astounded when Rebecca, the Emily lookalike assures her that she'll be fine.

Later, Rebecca is knocked out as the fire approaches.

Anthony panics as the fire approaches his room and he can't leave his bed. Carly realizes that only she can help Claudia escape.

After a warning from Winifred and Spinelli, Sam and Jason decide to lead everyone to the roof. Olivia guesses to Kate that the DVD was destroyed in the fire.

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