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A frustrated Sam approaches Elizabeth for advice on convincing Lucky she can handle her undercover work. She suggests Sam end her spying.

Though her father denies shooting Kate, Claudia boasts that she knows he used a Russian rifle and Russian bullets to throw Sonny off his trail.

He warns that if she's correct, he would have to kill her.

He later confronts Sonny in hopes of finding out whether his daughter has told him her theory.

He warns Sonny that his daughter is clinically unstable, calling her a skillful manipulator and liar and Sonny claims he doesn't believe anything she says.

Hearing her lash out at Lulu for being away from the office, Carly reminds Kate that she can't fire her. Kate blames Carly for ruining her relationship with Sonny but Carly responds it's not her fault he married Claudia.

She points out all she has to go through because of her. Tracy tries to kick him out but Edward and Monica insist that Nikolas stay.

Thanking them for all they did for Emily, he confesses that he will always have her in his heart.

Patrick insists that Robin loves Emma but Carly explains that based on her own battles, she thinks Robin is hiding her postpartum depression.

Maxie stops by with another baby present and quickly jumps in to help as she hears the baby crying. Afterwards, her words ring true when Maxie complains to Robin about how a baby takes over your life from the moment he or she is born.

Though Jason won't tell him what he's doing for the feds, Spinelli overhears when Rayner pressures Jason to find the missing Equinox truck.

The mystery man gets the package from the truck and opens it. Inside the briefcase, he finds small spheres that he needs to deliver.

He makes a call to assure the delivery will happen and then proceeds to swallow them.

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