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Maxie's upset to find Spinelli with Winifred again. She hears him admit how awesome it is to finally meet someone he "speaks his language."

Maxie suggests to Spinelli that he can't trust the "priestess" and thinks "the dweeb" might have hacked into his computer.

Spinelli chastises her for badmouthing his new friend.

Later, Winifred confronts Maxie at the new apartment and warns her to stay out of her way.

After she threatens her if she tells anyone about this conversation, Maxie warns Spinelli who doesn't believe her.

Maxie's hurt that he doesn't believe her and asks him to choose between her and Winnifred.

Max isn't happy when Sonny insists on bringing another shipment in using Jason's pier and suggests that he'll respond as Sonny would if someone did the same thing with his territory.

Diane interrupts and hands in her letter of resignation because she's chosen to work for Jason. Max urges Sonny to change his mind but he refuses.

When Luke boasts that he can stop his father, he accompanies Lulu to the hospital where Elizabeth allows them a moment to question Carl Pervis about the phony assault.

Carl won't talk so Luke approaches Ric about Anthony's silly scheme.

After Jax challenges Carly to a race in the new indoor pool at the Metro Court, Olivia arrives and realizes he failed to tell Carly he hired her.

After Max clues her in about the shipment, Carly skips the swim challenge from Jax to approach Sonny.

She pleads with him not to start a war with Jason and accuses him of being jealous when he points out she's taking Jason's side again.

Realizing that Carly chose Sonny over him again, Jax invites Olivia to go swimming with him instead.

After Lucky seeks Elizabeth's help figuring out his taxes, Sam spots them playing a video game together and runs off as Lucky watches.

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